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SureCritic Reviews

Here’s what some of our Montgomery, AL customers are saying about us:

5 Stars!

Kayla McDonald Google Review

5 Stars!

Michael Beck Google Review

4 Stars!

Keanna Sankey Google Review

Knowledgeable people

A M Google Review

Excellent company to do business with.

Renee Durham Alabama Precision Transmission Customer Review

5 Stars!

John-Nathan Stewart Google Review

I contacted Alabama Precision Transmission to get an estimate on a new transmission for my Nissan. I spoke with Michael (Mike) and he worked hard and got me the best deal possible! He went above and beyond to get me what I needed and I would never go anywhere else!

Leah Autumn Google Review

Mike and his staff have been taking care of my vehicles needs for years. I have always found their service and honesty a relief. As a woman I was afraid of being taken advantage of but with Mike and his staff I do not have to worry anymore. They are Awesome!!

Tatum M. YellowPages Review

Down to earth no bs. Great company an employee's. Reliable an get u back on road fast an with great work

Tommy B. YellowPages Review

Great people friendly reliable trusted them from the start.they did a great job on my vehicle had my vehicle back in a timely manner,it runs better than when I bought it. Thanks guys.

Ryan M. YellowPages Review

I have an 1996 Ram 1500 van. Old but taken care of, but it was time for transmission work. This was the first time I've used APT. Mike and his staff were super nice. He worked with me and kept me updated about the repairs. He didn't add on a bunch of unnecessary bullcrap. Pricing was very reasonable. And now I have my van back in top shape. It runs great.

Melissa K. SureCritic Review

As a woman I had concerns of being ripped off! However I appreciate Mr. McDonald's honest assessment, reasonable cost and quality of work done on my Cadillac. Even when another problem arose in the repair, he and his staff went above what I expected and didn't charge a dime more to resolve the issue. The affinity for their work is obvious by their extensive mechanical knowledge which isn't just about transmissions, but the whole health of a vehicle. APT has gained my trust and I'm looking forward to having another repair done with the shop in the near future.

Phyllis W. SureCritic Review

Ashton said the staff at the business are nice people, they do a good job, and she appreciates them.

Ashton S. SureCritic Review

Sam said they did a good job.

Sam W. SureCritic Review

Stan said ever since he picked up his vehicle he has had no problems.

Stan K. SureCritic Review

Reed said they were pretty good.

Reed B. SureCritic Review

Mike said the experience with this business was great. They delivered the vehicle to his daughter after the repair. They are more than nice at this business.

Mike G. SureCritic Review

Michael said he was very satisfied with this business.

Michael C. SureCritic Review

Glenn said he didn't have any problems with this business.

Glenn P. SureCritic Review

Mike said they are a good business. The price and service was good as well.

Mike M. SureCritic Review

Skakipa said the business did a good job repairing her vehicle.

Skakipa M. SureCritic Review

Kerry said the business did an excellent job, they took the vehicle and drove it to make sure everything went well.

Kerry H. SureCritic Review

Mike said the Mike is very professional and he went out of his way to make sure his son got his vehicle back. He also said they stayed late to make sure they got the vehicle back.

Mike S. SureCritic Review

Reed said his overall experience at this business is good and he would recommend them for service.

Reed B. SureCritic Review

Cynthia said Mike is very good.

Cynthia A. SureCritic Review

Tyler said the experience and the service is the best.

Tyler C. SureCritic Review

Honest and dependable work as always!

George B. SureCritic Review

Derrick said the service was fine. The employees did a good job and were quick.

Derrick N. SureCritic Review

Cheryl said this business does a good job with their service.

Cheryl A. SureCritic Review

Justin said he has never had any problems with the business.

Justin P. SureCritic Review

Levord said this business did a beautiful job on his vehicle, he was completely satisfied.

Levord R. SureCritic Review

Lorenzo said this business did a good job.

Lorenzo W. SureCritic Review

Adam said he is well satisfied with everything that was done.

Adam R. SureCritic Review

Did it rapid time and works like a charm

Rick H. SureCritic Review

Tony said the business is very well known.

Tony W. SureCritic Review

J.R. said the people are very honest and they always do very good work.

J.R. SureCritic Review

Kenneth said everything was quick, and efficient.

Kenneth K. SureCritic Review

Johnny said the business was very easy to work with and they were also very punctual.

Johnny L. SureCritic Review

Steven said this business was really helpful and nice. Mike was courteous.

Steven C. SureCritic Review

Excellent! as always

David T. SureCritic Review

Patsy said everything about the business was fine. They have a friendly and helpful staff. There was some trash in her vehicle but it was resolved.

Patsy C. SureCritic Review

Devante said he went to 4 or 5 businesses before going to Alabama Precision Transmission. They did a good job on his vehicle.

Devante G. SureCritic Review

Ruth said she needed additional work and she chose them. This business did a wonderful job.

Ruth K. SureCritic Review

John said he likes the business because they are very honest, provide good customer service, and do good work.

John T. SureCritic Review

Spoke with Jackson. He said his daughter was satisfied with the service at the business. They were great.

Dianca M. SureCritic Review

Ken said he had issues with his vehicle after service, but it is doing fine so far.

Ken S. SureCritic Review

Luther said he had a good overall experience at this business. He likes Mike, the owner from there.

Luther R. SureCritic Review

Took the time to explain what the problem is and didn't do a bunch of unnecessary work just to raise the bill!

George B. SureCritic Review

Beverly said she was without her vehicle for 4 weeks. She was told by this business that they were waiting on parts. Mike was very pleasant and professional. He is very customer oriented and customer friendly, which made it a good experience for her.

Beverly W. SureCritic Review

Andrew said the employees were very helpful and very nice.

Andrew P. SureCritic Review

Karlton said he was impressed by the employees professionalism and thoroughness. He also stated they were informative and even gave him follow up service after repairs.

Karlton J. SureCritic Review

Marion said this business is nice. They told her of her options. She likes them.

Marion H. SureCritic Review

April said the business provides very good service.

April C. SureCritic Review

Shannon said the business was helpful and courteous.

Shannon H. SureCritic Review

Marquishia said the business fixed her transmission.

Marquishia H. SureCritic Review

Davis said they did a good job.

Davis C. SureCritic Review

Russell said everything went smoothly but the service took longer than he expected.

Russell L. SureCritic Review

Mack said everyone was nice and helpful. They did what he asked them to do.

Mack F. SureCritic Review

Kittye said the business is fantastic. Mike and everyone there are just terrific people. Mike explained everything to her and she felt so comfortable and at ease with them. She had gone to the Nissan dealership to find out what it would cost for them to do the work and she was surprised at the cost when they gave her the estimate, then about an hour later called and apologized because the cost would be another $1,000 over the estimate. She said the next day they called her again and upped the cost another $1,000, but when she took it to Mike he reassured her it would not anywhere near that amount.

Kittye T. SureCritic Review

Timmy said he had a good experience at the business. The people were friendly and they let him know what was going on. They were straight forward with him.

Timmy R. SureCritic Review

Excellent service

Michael B. SureCritic Review

John said his regular mechanic referred this business to him. He likes the service at this business. He recommends this business for service.

John P. SureCritic Review

Keith said Mike, an employee of the business, was easy to work with, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Keith C. SureCritic Review

McKinley said he was satisfied with his experience with the business. They are easy to deal with, they always do what they say they will and they are nice.

Mckinley P. SureCritic Review

Randy said the business is honest with him and he has used them for a long time.

Randy J. SureCritic Review

Carl said he liked the way the employees explained everything and he is satisfied.

Carl W. SureCritic Review

Austin said they did a good job. It was a decent price and they were fair.

Austin G. SureCritic Review

Brenda said he would recommend this business.

Brenda S. SureCritic Review

Debra said the employees were very informative throughout the process. They were very courteous and fixed all the issues with the vehicle. She was pleased with the entire experience from start to finish. She will be a returning customer if necessary.

Debra T. SureCritic Review

Jeff said when he had to stop over to this bushiness for service, his vehicle had 356,800 miles on his transmission. His vehicle itself and the motor is still going. This facility fixed it and it is ready to go. He is confident he can drive it anywhere because they did a great job providing service. An employee followed-up with him to make sure he has not had any trouble with his vehicle. He also wanted to make sure he can come by when he could so he could look at the seals to make sure there is no leaking. They have great customer service, and they were really quick at providing service. He certainly would recommend them. He was given a 5-year, 100,000 mile warranty on his vehicle, a better warranty than those who rebuild transmissions. The employee he worked with is good enough and has been providing service long enough that he can give that kind of warranty on his work. He is one of those rare good finds, a good man, and he hopes he can continue to provide service for others.

Jeff M. SureCritic Review

Mark said he had no problems with this business.

Mark H. SureCritic Review

Patricia said this business was pretty good.

Patricia T. SureCritic Review

Jimmy said this business was nice, polite, and fast.

Jimmy J. SureCritic Review

Alvin said he has not had any problems with this business.

Alvin B. SureCritic Review

Mike was extremely helpful with the problem, performed the rebuild in the time he said, had did the job as quoted! Would recommend Mike & his company to anybody that needs transmission work!

Jim D. SureCritic Review

Patrick said the customer service was great and the employees took good care of him and were fair.

Patrick Q. SureCritic Review

Spoke with Trentyn. He said this business did a really good job and for the most part in a reasonable amount of time.

Richard S. SureCritic Review

Donnie said the business did a good job servicing his vehicle.

Donnie M. SureCritic Review

Mary said the business was very willing to work with her and she appreciates their service.

Mary Ann E. SureCritic Review

Cale said the staff at this business did a good job.

Cale B. SureCritic Review

Dana said she has been doing business with the owner of this business for several years. They have always treated her right. They provide good service for a fair price.

Dana P. SureCritic Review

I have recommended several friends

David T. SureCritic Review

Jim said this business did a good job.

Jim W. SureCritic Review

Spoke with Pat. She said she is very satisfied with this business. They are thorough, honest and cost efficient.

Tim B. SureCritic Review

Carey said this business is the best. He is pleased with the services, and they do a good job.

Carey S. SureCritic Review

The staff was very friendly and helpful. The problem was explained in terms i understood. They even told me about future problems i might encounter. The only problem i had was that i was not contacted about any estimated price and was not contacted until the truck was fixed. It would have been nice for me to have an idea of cost and why it was taking a few days before hearing that the problem was fixed.

William Q. SureCritic Review

Robbie said this business does good work and he never has any troubles.

Robbie T. SureCritic Review

Wade said the staff at this business was nice. Immediately after receiving the vehicle back, there were some issues and he is unsure why but another business is servicing the vehicle. At this time he is less likely to recommend them.

Wade W. SureCritic Review

Sharon said this business provided her with timely, up front service. She was very pleased.

Sharon L. SureCritic Review

Matt said the business is excellent.

Matt C. SureCritic Review

Kristopher said this business does great work, and they had his vehicle in and out quickly, but his vehicle is still having trouble shifting.

Kristopher M. SureCritic Review

Christian said he has known the owner for awhile now. He recently took his vehicle in to get his transmission fixed and they did it free of charge but has to take it back in because it is leaking. He knows the owner will make it right.

Christian W. SureCritic Review

Brad said the service is always good at the business.

Brad R. SureCritic Review

Marcia said this business did a good job. She had hoped the vehicle would not take long but it took longer than expected. Her vehicle was done within five working days.

Marcia W. SureCritic Review

Jennifer said this business did a great job, they fixed her vehicle quickly, and the employees are very nice.

Jennifer A. SureCritic Review

Kevin said this business had great customer service.

Kevin G. SureCritic Review

Justin said this business does quality repairs. The prices are better than any others around. The service was done quick and he is very happy.

Justin P. SureCritic Review

Bob said this business did good work. They were friendly, personable, and he got a good deal without being robbed.

Bob B. SureCritic Review

Rick said they were nice and they did a great job. He appreciated how honest they were and the vehicle was done in a timely manner.

Rick D. SureCritic Review

Vince said the business provided him with excellent customer service and did good work on his vehicle.

Vince W. SureCritic Review

Gerald said he was happy with how personable the staff was and how reasonable the prices were at this business.

Gerald S. SureCritic Review

Denise said this business finished the repairs in a timely manner.

Denise A. SureCritic Review

Hope said this business was very friendly. They were nice and honest. They were very quick about handling the situation with her vehicle. She would like for them to keep doing what they are doing.

Hope B. SureCritic Review

Glen said they did a great job.

Glenn W. SureCritic Review

Kendall said they did a great job on his vehicle. He really appreciated them for coming out to his house and taking his vehicle to fix a problem he had the next day. This is a great facility.

Kendall M. SureCritic Review

Norman said this business does a good job.

Norman W. SureCritic Review

was a great experience had a hottie in my car for 20 minutes and spoke to a hottie who really listened to me and explained things in a language i could understand

Martha M. SureCritic Review

Gary said he had no issues with the service provided by this business.

Gary L. SureCritic Review

Spoke with Abel. She said this business did a really good job and they were done on time.

Randy A. SureCritic Review

Byron said the business was fast and the staff was really friendly. A staff member at the business told him his rear end was going bad, but when he took his vehicle to another business, they told him it was fine.

Byron M. SureCritic Review

Kyle said this business was quick and had his vehicle ready when he asked.

Kyle M. SureCritic Review

Best service time after time with these guys. Customer friendly and honest people. Wouldn't have anybody else touch my vehicle.

Bobby R. SureCritic Review

Spoke with Jamie. She said this business stayed in contact with her and kept her well informed. They are really nice people.

John G. SureCritic Review

Winchell said the business provided very good service and the owner was very friendly.

Winchell J. SureCritic Review

Paul said the service at the business was fast and pretty good.

Paul H. SureCritic Review

Addison said the business did a good job. He knows everyone there. They are a hometown facility.

Addison S. SureCritic Review

Justin said he never had a problem with the business. They have fair pricing and were able to fix his vehicle.

Justin P. SureCritic Review

Steve said they got his vehicle going quickly and he is pleased with it so far.

Steve T. SureCritic Review

Eric said this business provided good customer service and returned his vehicle in a timely fashion.

Eric H. SureCritic Review

Vanessa said the business did an excellent job on her vehicle.

Venessa M. SureCritic Review

Tee said she had explained to this business she did not have a way to get to work and they went ahead and gave her a ride to work. They did good work.

Tee O. SureCritic Review

Jessica said she is very pleased with the business and they did exactly what she wanted them to do.

Jessica M. SureCritic Review

Joe said he worked with Mike. He could tell that he tried to give him the best price. He did the best he could on the repairs. He said he felt he was really honest because he has dealt with a lot of mechanics prior to him.

Joe M. SureCritic Review

Jakyrah said that this business was nice and timely.

Jakyrah W. SureCritic Review

Johnny said this business told him exactly what was wrong with the vehicle and when it would be ready.

Johnny W. SureCritic Review

Robbie said this business does good work and he is pleased with the work.

Robbie T. SureCritic Review

Justin said he likes Mike.

Justin P. SureCritic Review

Hugh said he enjoyed doing business with this facility.

Hugh D. SureCritic Review

Jaroslav said this business did a good job. He brought his vehicle to this business because of a leak. They found the wrong hose in place causing the leak. When he brought his vehicle home he noticed there was still a leak. He brought the vehicle back to this business and they were able to repair it within twenty or thirty minutes.

Jaroslav T. SureCritic Review

Jeremia said he was thankful for the staff, specifically Mike who was honest and fair.

Jeremia F. SureCritic Review

Joe said the repairs are done in a timely manner.

Joe R. SureCritic Review

Gordon said the business was good and he will be returning to them in the future.

Gordon T. SureCritic Review

Kyle said they are good people at this business.

Kyle H. SureCritic Review

Roderick said this business had good service.

Roderick B. SureCritic Review

Shelley said this business is super nice and did a great job.

Shelley B. SureCritic Review

Robby said this business did not provide a lot of communication. They would have been better if they had communicated better.

Robby C. SureCritic Review

Natasha said the business provided a problem free experience.

Natasha L. SureCritic Review

Lee said the business provides good service.

Lee W. SureCritic Review

Beth said the business diagnosed the problem, they fixed the vehicle and they did it all at a very reasonable price.

Beth B. SureCritic Review

Michael said he was happy with the service he received from the business.

Michael P. SureCritic Review

Tyrone said the business gives pretty good service. His vehicle was fixed well and in a timely manner.

Tyrone W. SureCritic Review

Excellent as always

David T. SureCritic Review

Beverly said the business fixed her vehicle and it is running great again.

Beverly Y. SureCritic Review

Robbie said the service provided by the business was good.

Robbie T. SureCritic Review

Mike said the business was timely and the price did not change from the estimate.

Mike M. SureCritic Review

Ken said this business has their ducks in a row.

Ken D. SureCritic Review

Jimbo said Michael always does the job correctly and for the right price.

Jimbo S. SureCritic Review

Ben said he had no problems with his service.

Ben R. SureCritic Review

Warren said this business did what they were supposed to do and his vehicle is working fine.

Warren C. SureCritic Review

Mickey said this business provided good service.

Mickey W. SureCritic Review

will be taking my vehicles to Precision in the future. The employees and owner were friendly and helpful, and the work was done very well.

Anna G. SureCritic Review

Marshall said they did a good job and he is happy with the service.

Marshall W. SureCritic Review

Truck went in for a transmission rebuild. They found the root cause of the problem that was not noticed by another shop. Work was done in a reasonable amount of time. Entire staff was honest and professional. My truck runs better now than it did the day I bought it.

Brad P. SureCritic Review

Phillip said this business did good.

Phillip J. SureCritic Review

Don said this business was polite and they were easy to work with. They got all the services done to his vehicle in a timely manner.

Don W. SureCritic Review

Bernard said this business was great, fast and helpful.

Bernard H. SureCritic Review

Dennis said this business does good work.

Dennis H. SureCritic Review

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